Hi, I’m John. I am a communications specialist, a professional musician, writer, artist and audiophile. I am also the world’s proudest husband and dad.

I have a B.A. in Mass Communications from Carleton University (1989).
I also have formal education in graphic design and Internet productivity technologies.

Employment History
My short story is:

  • Throughout high school and into my university years I worked as a property manager for DS Management, operating and maintaining commercial parking lots and other assets. During this time I also worked as a mobile DJ, and began my professional musician career — which continues on today!
  • After obtaining my university degree, I immediately went to work for the Centre for Educative Growth, a group home for emotionally challenged pre-teens. As a social worker, I feel I was given the opportunity to develop coping skills that I continue to use in my various professional and personal experiences.
  • In 1989, I joined the ranks of the federal government, writing correspondence for the federal Minister of Finance. I stayed at the Dept. of Finance (with one year at Health Canada) as a Communications and Multimedia Strategist, writing communications plans, strategies, speeches, news releases and multimedia presentations for the Minister of Finance and departmental executives. I obtained an IS-6 level in 9 years before jumping back into the private sector in 1999.
  • At this point, I became the Director of Marketing and Client Relations for Hangar 13 Art and Design, a graphic design and multimedia firm in Ottawa. I spent 14 months there before getting the urge to start my own company, focusing on policy communications and multimedia product development and production.
  • In 2000, I formed Spin Communications, my own communications and marketing company, where I successfully delivered over 1,500 communications projects to the public and private sectors, as well as many NGOs and NPOs.
  • I took a few years off from the communications world to pursue opportunities to travel and tour as a professional musician, and am now back to juggling both worlds, but focusing more on returning to the world of communications and marketing.
  • Part of my “years off” consisted of working in the service industry as a bartender and bar manager, more for the enjoyment of new experiences than anything else.
  • Throughout my professional music career, I have played over 1,850 shows/events across the world, and have been the lead in marketing hundreds of these events, including the production of assets such as posters, radio copy, video development media relations and partnership/sponsor development. For more information about my music career, please feel free to visit JohnAllaire.com

I am an exceptional writer and have a strong communications and marketing “sense”. I am able to act as a one-stop communications shop in that I have the ability to develop content, design assets and work with production and distribution houses to deliver products, on time and on budget.

Please feel free to peruse the galleries and forward any questions or comments you may have to me directly.